"I'm a lawyer in my mid-thirties who has wanted to learn to play saxophone for a long time. He understood what I wanted and was able to give me a practice regimen focused on the right style right away. I never thought I would come along so quickly, and learning by playing the music I love makes practicing a pleasure. I would (and have) recommended Justin to others - he's a great teacher."

"Our son, Daniel, has studied with Justin for more than three years already and he's enjoyed every minute. We can hear how much Daniel has grown as a musician over the years, and his musical tastes have expanded as well. Justin has helped Daniel discover new and interesting jazz mentors to listen to and learn from. Daniel has also more recently been learning some music theory from Justin. We are really delighted at how well-rounded Daniel's lessons have been with Justin, and we're also impressed with Justin's easy-going nature and level of patience. We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in pursuing music lessons at any ability level."

"Learning to play guitar with Justin has been a great experience. He really enjoys working with his students, and his lessons are always fun and relaxed. I have also been impressed with his musical knowledge. He can teach it all, from Beethoven to AC/DC." 

From Yelp:

"I've been taking bluegrass guitar lessons from Justin for about a year and a half or so. It's been a great experience. Justin is a very talented, knowledgable and attentive teacher with expertise in a range of styles. He's helped me unlearn years of bad habits and I've noticed real improvements in my playing. He has a great ear and can pick up chords and melodies from recordings quickly, as well as explain the theory behind what you're hearing. It's been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot. Highly recommended."

"My 9-yr-old takes guitar lessons from Justin and it has been a great experience.He is a very talented musician, and is able to parlay that into teaching. He connects with her and is able to figure out what motivates her, all the while keeping it fun. She has learned a lot in the past 6 months. Justin is also very professional; I appreciate his flexibility and easy going manner. We are happy to have found him!"

"My 9 year-old has been taking guitar lessons from Justin for almost a year and it has been wonderful! Not only she loves studying with him, but also she has learned so much in such a short time. He is absolutely a wonderful teacher!"

"I've been studying guitar with Justin for a few weeks now, and it's been a great experience. I appreciate his professionalism, scheduling flexibility, and promptness in replying to emails. He is a talented and knowledgeable musician, and generous with his energy and information. Justin creates a safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn music, and I've already seen a lot of progress in the short time I've been studying. I highly recommend him to musicians (or aspiring musicians) of all levels!"

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